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Kate !

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The bells !

I'll let you know if they work !

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Why not get a bigger pet door?
Insecure garden Betsy ! That door's only for the cats ! I've washed the boys time and again but they don't shrink enough *sigh*
LOL!! you better wash that door too, honey, or we'll be calling you by another name!! LOL LOL LOL <wink wink>
Washed just one week ago smart arse ! .........maybe two..... I have a small house with no mud room - oh and I'm lazy - oh and I don't have a wife to nag either !
I was going to ask just how cruel could you be to tease your boys with such a small dog door!!
I'm like that Eric ! Treat em mean keep em keen......or is that my women >>>> Oh no - I forgot I only have queen pussies
This has to be an english thing ...
The only females in my house !

Female cat = Queen although I think the literal sense means a nursing cat !

Bitches if you like !
Colin, is it? Nice to meet ya! Let us know how the bells work, I'm thinking of adding some too!
Yep - i'll keep y'all updated ! Now I have the bells they won't use them knowing my luck ! only $14 with shipping plus if i have any more children I won't need to buy them a rattle !
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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