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Thanks for asking! :)

I think it went well. It's a kennel position, so basically I'll get paid to play with dogs all day. :) A LOT less stressful than my current job and a lot more fun. The place is HUGE and has a lot more employees.. I would get discounts on vet bills and cat/dog food there, too, which is nice.

The kennel manager said she had a bunch of interviews to do still and that she'd get back to me at the end of the week. It wouldn't be a lot of hours at first, since they aren't that busy yet, so I would be working there in addition to my current place until it picks up (end of June/early July) and then put my 2 weeks notice in at the current place.

I'm crossing my fingers that I get it!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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