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Just shoot me.....

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Went to the doctors for a yearly woman check up...my cholesteral is up as is my blood pressure. She found my left ovary was enlarged as was my uterus (will have a ultrsound done), my stool sample had blood in it and I need to go for a mammogram. So whoever has a gun---please shoot me. This getting old sucks. :hurt:

Oh yeah, and the hot flashes are getting worse so she upped my hormones !!!!!
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I usually have to have an ultrasound done after my annual gyno appointments. They always find something which thank goodness so far has turned out to be nothing but you do get sick and tired of them always finding something.

I don't even want to discuss mammo's...what a pain in the boob! Hopefully that will come back clear and you'll be good to go.

I understand exactly what you mean when you say that getting older sucks!!
Eek...a lot at once!

I had an appt scheduled on the 31st, but they didn't send me a reminder (scheduled it in June). I forgot about it with all the holiday stuff, and when I saw it on the calendar, I called to reschedule. They can't fit me in until June now! I told Jason that I'm going to have to get pregnant again just to see the doctor! lol I don't like waiting that long since I have fibroid tumors... They're supposed to be harmless, but they still scare me.
every mammogram that i have had, i have to go back for a biopsy, scan or ultrasound. even have a staple in one boob but thankfully i don't set off the security at the airport !! :laugh:
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