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dweck said:
I'll make the assumption that that track is NSW -- Not Safe for Work........
I guess it depends on whether your coworkers speak old Dutch!

I actually did a little digging on this album, and here's what I found out. Most Renaissance scholars know that the French and Flemish (Italians, too) wrote a lot of extremely dirty songs in the same style as most of their other music. They were meant to be sung privately as after-dinner party music, mostly. In this particular case, most of Obrecht's ditties are preserved only in foreign sources, in which scribes who didn't understand Dutch just spelled out the words phonetically, having no idea what they were writing. That appears to be the case with the title of this song. Some intrepid Dutch-speaking historian saw the text and realized what it was supposed to be, and then created a poem to go along with it. So it's not 100% clear that this is what Obrecht had in mind, but it's definitely in keeping with the spirit of other songs I've seen from this period. ;)
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