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Did anyone else what the new episode of J&K Plus 8 last night on TLC? It was around Christmas & Kate announces to the kids that they are:

getting not one, but two puppies for Christmas

:confused: :confused: :confused:

- what would possess her to get 2 puppies with 8 kids, 6 under the age of 5?

- what breeder would agree to sell 2 puppies to the same family?

- how is she going to deal with the the pee, poop, dirt, hair, etc. that comes with having a dog. She is such a germ-a-phob & neat freak. I mean seriously, she got all wigged out when the movers took the old freezer out & there was all kinds of dirt under it.

After they pick the puppies up, they have them in the house & of course they are running around, sniffing & subsequently peeing. She is freaking out about cleaning up after them. HELLO... that comes with having a puppy!

When they are at the breeder picking the puppies, he says they can take them home. Those pups were just 8 weeks old. I understand the thought behind it being a long drive & the breeder saying okay take them, but even Kate said they were totally un-prepared... no crates, no bowls, no collars, no leashes, NOTHING!!!

Kate also made a comment about how little they know/knew about raising puppies & specifically GSDs. They obviously did not do any research into raising puppies or into the breed the chose.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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