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Job hunting...

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no kidding, found out today that my position won't exist anymore after this year. Anyone have any connections with NYC school superintendents?? I have been avoiding taking a principal or assistant principal position for two years now...ugh...just the thought turns my stomach. So....anyone have any ideas??
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Be a consultant?

:-\ Sorry to hear about your job. What a bummer!
Sorry to hear..........Can't be much help.......I'm in the accounting field.
I guess I should have mentioned...I'm not out of a job or unemployed or taking a pay cut..just won't have this specific job. They've killed the full time mentoring positions. This was a position where I could touch the lives of 1000's of kids just by supporting 1st year teachers. I'm very blessed, I could go back to being a classroom teacher or can look for a supervisory position.

I've been kvetching for years about finding another position, I knew this was too good to last, and now that it's hit me in the face, it's authentic,....I think I'm in shock.
it's authentic,....I think I'm in shock.
That *shock* is what took me to buying Wooserie House. A blast from the landlord of 13 years. No options, just GO! And make it good from there on.

By your side, darlin... by your side!
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