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Weird here today. I am absolutely alone on this side of the floor of our office space. Where there was once 11 bustling people, busily churning away, there is now one.


They weren't all in our department. Our customer help service sat behind me. They've moved to another building. And then half of them were sliced on Wed.

A guy who sat cattycorner from me -- 62 years old and suffering from something akin to Parkinsons -- is also toast. So his cube is vacant as well.

And, of course, EC is DOA.

So here I sit. Getting my stuff done. With my iPod to keep me company. We had a departmental meeting yesterday afternoon -- we survivors are going to be busy as hell. Ain't going to be pretty. But sure could be worse.

We're also moving to another building, so I won't be alone for very long.

One true benefit from all this: EC asked for, and got, an oversized monitor about 2 years ago. I have comandeered it. My monitor was a piece of crap.

So you're all now in widescreen glory. It's amazing, the detail.

Oh, and Nathan -- You've got a little cream cheese schmutz on the corner of your mouth.

And Denny: You need a shave!

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Adjusting after a cut-and-bleed session is difficult for everyone involved, not just those who were cut. I had lunch with several of my ex-coworkers Tuesday, and they were talking about the somber mood in the office. There were several other changes made to cut costs, in addition to the staff that were cut. One woman said that it seems like everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

In a way, I feel worse for them than I do for those of us who lost our jobs. We already know where we stand, while they are still fearful that there might be another round of cuts.

Anyone know where an almost-59-year-old receptionist and admin assistant can get a job? Will happily relocate, especially to the Tennessee/ Kentucky/ southern Ohio/ West Virginia/ North Carolina areas! ;)
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