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We ran this idea by people several weeks ago and got a fairly good response. Quite a few members indicated that they would be interested in this type of pet sitting swap. This is what I have come up with so far, from researching on the net, to your suggestions in the first thread.

PLEASE let me know if I missed anything.
There are 2 forms.
One is for everyone interested in the program to complete
The 2nd is a more detailed form for the member looking to use the co-op service.
Add anything you can think of, please.
NOTE- I don't want to ask for a lot of personal, identifying information on the first form. People may not be comfortable with giving out that info. Although I will be the only person to keep it and it will not be used for any other purpose. I still wanted to keep that portion rather generic. Then if we need them to sit for someone, they can provide their details and info to that member directly.

Basically, here is how the cooperative works...
You submit the first form to me, indicating your interest in participating in the Pet Sitting Cooperative.
Using a map of the country that is broken down into zip codes, I will keep all of the information.
Only JL forum members are allowed to join and use the service.
If someone in your area is going away and in need of the service,they will contact me and ask is there anyone in their area who belongs to the cooperative? I will consult the map and they will be given the name(s) of any forum member(s) in their area who have expressed an interest in participating and who are a good match for their situation.
ie: They can only watch one dog who is crate trained and doesn't need a fenced in yard. The person needing a pet sitter has only one dog, who is crate trained and used to being walked on a leash. (this is just an example)
They will then contact you depending on how you indicated you wish to be reached- phone, email, priv message

From that point on, the details and arrangements will be made between the 2 forum members.
The potential dog sitter will be forwarded the form completed by the member about their dog(s) to give them a general idea of the dog(s) likes/dislikes, special needs, etc.

This is the form that everyone interested in the cooperative will complete. This information will be kept by me and used only to match people up.

Forum name

List your dog(s) name, age, sex

Are there any other pets in your family? If so, describe: species, age and sex:

Address and County:

Children at home and ages of each:

Type of house- including description of the yard, fence or no fence:

How do your dogs get their exercise? ex: daily walk to park, walks around neighborhood, fenced in yard, etc.

Is there a certain sex of dog that you could NOT have in your home? (ex: you have an intact male and prefer
no other male dogs in your home)

Is your dog spayed? neutered? If not, when was the female's last season? (if applicable)

Many of our members have more than one dog.
Would you be willing to pet sit for more than one dog? If so, what is the max number of dogs you would be willing to watch?

If you work, please provide the approximate amount of hours the dog will be alone during the day.

How do you prefer to be contacted by someone needing you to pet sit your lab?
-private message on the forum
-email (supply address)
*** If you chose phone, please provide phone number for home, work, cell and what time of day you prefer to be called***


This section is to be completed by a JL Member looking for a pet sitter.
Not everyone will complete this part...only members looking for a pet sitter will complete this info and send it to me by email.

Names of your dog(s) and sex:

Ages of dog(s):

The dates and time of when you will need someone to sit for you


Is your pet spayed? neutered?

Is your dog crate trained?

Nutrition and Diet
Is your lab on any dietary restrictions? ex: no dairy, or grains.

Please list what your dog eats each day and approximate time
(You must provide food , bones and snacks for your dog for the length of your time away)

Can your dog have:
A- Greenies
B- Rawhide
C- Marrow bones, knuckle bones
D- bully sticks, jerky
E- Stuffed kongs- with peanut butter, cream cheese, Kong brand stuffing, yogurt

Is your dog on any medication? If so what? List and provide dosages of each.
(please include heartworm meds and flea/tick medications)

Vet's name and phone number(please let your vet know you will be away and leave the name of your pet sitter with
the vet's office in advance) In case of emergency, your dog will be taken to the nearest emergency vet
or clinic, not necessarily to your vet.

Can your dog swim? Does your dog enjoy swimming?

Is there anything your lab is afraid of? Fears? Phobias?

Is your Lab good around children?

Can your Lab be around other animals such as cats? birds? rabbits? ferrets?

Where does your lab sleep at night?

What are your dogs favorite activities?

Does your dog have a special toy or game it likes to play? Describe-

Is your dog a barker?

Does your dog counter surf?

Does your dog enjoy riding in the car? If so, please provide a proper restraint or harness.

How much exercise does your dog receive daily? Please provide proper leashes, collars, gentle leaders, etc

Phone number of a local friend or relative who can be contacted in case of an emergency.

How will your pet sitter be able to contact you during your vacation? If it is by cell phone, give the number.

(Provide the location of where you will be ie: hotel name, address, room number and telephone number if possible)

*** Special needs not mentioned in the above*** Anything you can think of that is important about your dog.

- We recommend that all dogs be kept in a crate when not directly supervised by the pet sitting member. Please bring your dog's crate to the home of the pet sitter or make arrangements directly with them.
- In case of emergency your dog will be taken to the nearest emergency clinic, vet hospital. You will be responsible for all costs involved.
The member pet sitting for you will make every reasonable attempt to notify you or the person listed as the emergency contact before
taking the dog in for treatment whenever possible.
-This coop is open to JL forum members only. Relatives, friends, etc are not permitted to participate.

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I would maybe consider the type of housing the "sitter" has- what I mean is this: I live in a condo. I could definitely sit for one lab, but my neighbors would kill me and I would probably be pretty unhappy if he were a barker. So maybe some of qualifications due to housing should go up on the first form.

I know that I take Gabby to a dog park everyday. I would want to know if a dog i housesit could go with. That might be something to consider for the second form.

Also, we'd probably want to consider some sort of liability waiver at some point.

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It's a good idea but...

I pretty much know the JL folks in my area, and all of them are a good distance away. Even Monnie, who is perhaps the closest, is far. I don't think I'd ask or expect anyone to come that distance when there are local pet sitters much closer.

Just my feelings... I don't know how far folks will want to drive (especially with gas prices continuing to climb).

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raian said:
It's a good idea but...

I pretty much know the JL folks in my area, and all of them are a good distance away. Even Monnie, who is perhaps the closest, is far. I don't think I'd ask or expect anyone to come that distance when there are local pet sitters much closer.

Just my feelings... I don't know how far folks will want to drive (especially with gas prices continuing to climb).
I think the idea is a co-op type thing- you take Monnie's dog into your home (she drops him off) when she goes out of town, and she does the same for you when you go out of town

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Ah, I see. That doesn't work for me as I have horses and cats that need to be taken care of as well. I have a sitter that comes to my place ;)

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I hated finding people to watch my horses. It was easier not to go out of town.

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Great job, Susan! Thanks for taking the time to do this.
I'll have to take a look at it more closely later when I have time. :)
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