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Hi, welcome to the JL Dog Show. Basically, you enter a picture of your dog in the class or classes you see below. This is a fun show and everyone can enter. Please enter only one picture of your dog in each class. Your picture should depict the class you've entered. If you have multiple dogs, you may enter them all in the same class, but only one picture of EACH of your dogs is allowed. (example, you want to enter Molly and Moe in the Agility Jumpers class, you can do so by entering one picture of Molly and one picture of Moe in the Jumpers class.)

Deadline for entries is July 31, 2009. Please submit your entry to the JL DOG SHOW ENTRIES thread.

Photos can NOT be professional (meaning you purchased them.) They must be photos that you, or a friend have taken. You may use older photos.

Please make your entries out as follows:
Class #, class description, your name, your dog's name.
Ex: #10, Yellow *****, Joe Smith, Yellow Girl Mine.

Questions? Just ask!

If you wish to judge any of the classes, please let me know. I would appreciate some judges!!! If you opt to judge a class, you may not enter your dog(s) in the class or classes you are judging. Just PM me if you wish to judge and I'll post a judging list as we get judges. Judges will be expected to critique EACH entry in their class and post 1st - 4th place winners. Thank you to all judges who volunteer!!

Conformation Classes (You may NOT cross enter in the spayed/neutered classes)
#1, Puppy Dogs -- dogs (male) under 1 year.
#2, Black Dogs (male) over 1 year.
#3, Yellow Dogs (male) over 1 year.
#4, Chocolate Dogs (male) over 1 year.
#5, Neutered Dogs Black - no age limit.
#6, Neutered Dogs Yellow - no age limit.
#7, Neutered Dogs Chocolate - no age limit.
#8, Puppy ***** - (females) under 1 year.
#9, Black ***** - over 1 year.
#10, Yellow ***** - over 1 year.
#11, Chocolate ***** - over 1 year.
#12, Spayed ***** Black - no age limit.
#13, Spayed ***** Yellow - no age limit.
#14, Spayed ***** Chocolate - no age limit.
#15, Veteran Dog (male, neutered or not, over 8 years)
#16, Veteran ***** (female, spayed or not, over 8 years)

Hunters (may depict bird or bumper shots, no pool shots.)
#17. Jr. Working Hunter in Water - age under 3 years.
#18. Sr. Working Hunter in Water - age over 3 years.
#19. Jr. Working Hunter on Land - age under 3 years.
#20. Sr. Working Hunter on Land - age over 3 years.

Obedience (photos do not have to be at a show)
#21. Rally Dog - dog to be shown working a rally course.
#22. Novice - dog doing a Novice Obed. Exercise.
#23. Open - dog doing an Open Obed. Exercise.
#24. Utility - dog doing a Utility Exercise.

Agility (does not have to be at a show)
#25. Jumpers - dog must be jumping.
#26. Standard - dog must be on contact equipment.
#27. Games - dog doing any approved game, snooker, etc.

Dock Dogs
(does not have to be at approved event, can be pool shots.)
#28, Distance (dog leaping from dock or pool)
#29, Height (dog jumping skyward from dock or pool)

Fun Classes
#30, Costume Class (dress your dog up)
#31, Trick Class - dog doing a trick
#32, Cutest Expression
#33, Best Use Of Tongue (keep it PG please!)
#34, Sleepers - dog sleeping.

Entries accepted until July 31. Post your entries in the JL Dog Show Entries thread. ONE photo entry per dog per class.

Have Fun!!
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