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I was cleaning my living room yesterday and had everything pulled out from the walls. I was getting ready to put things back and had put Jacey on the loveseat while I finished vacuuming. I turn around and heres Jacey walking the back of the loveseat like a clown!! My mom put her back on the seat of the loveseat and then she would just look over the back of it at me like "what you doin there".
Shes all kinds of confused. I have moved the chairs and loveseats around 3 times in the last 2 weeks trying to get things how I like them. We ended up going back to the way we had them... She just cant figure out why I keep moving everything lol

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Can he share his brothers marrow bones?
No way, Jose. 8)

Sorry to hijack Kathryn.
I wanted to see Jacey's adorable face again anyway. :-* :-*
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