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I've been told I'm half my size but

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I never really believed until I found an old pair of shorts cleaning today

Sorry guys pictures gone :)
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Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh My Gosh!!! You so rock Rosanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRAVO! Just... bravo! Well done, lovely lady. :)
Thats awesome! You are my role model!
Wow!! Congrats to you!!! Way to go! ;D
What an accomplishment! Way to go! How did you do it? You look great!
way to go, Rosanne!

You are truly amazing, you know that?
Okay, you're INCREDIBLE. Nothing like some tangible evidence of work well done, huh??

You seriously need to keep those!
Great work!! You look amazing :)
That is so freaking cool!!! ;D
Wow! You could do one of those TV commercials!
thanks guys :) this picture really hit home.
That is soooo cool. While looking for some pics to do the motivational posters, I came across pics from that first time we met, and I honestly looked at you and went "Who is that??".
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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