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One full year of raw feeding. :D

This is also the first year that I've not had to take the dogs to the vet for anything except their annual check up, and that's saying something, because I'm a big time puppy hypochondriac, and I'd take them at the slightest sign of something wrong. ;) (besides Baloo's neuter, but that doesn't count)

It's also the first year that Peanut has maintained her weight, coat and good health through the winter. Before she would always drop weight despite increasing her food, her hair coat would thin and she would just look kind of sickly through the worst of the winter, and then spring back with the warmer weather. I always blamed it on the cold.

Both dogs are doing fantastic and I just can't say enough about what a difference their diet has made. I can honestly say that I will NEVER go back.

Here's to many more years of stuffed freezers, bathtubs filled with tripe, funny looks from passerbys at the grocery store no doubt thinking, "no one needs THAT much beef kidney...?" and the wonderful crunching noises that fill my kitchen every evening. :D :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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