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It was a beautiful "Spring" day in the Pacific NW!!

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To bad it's Feb. and the Fricking weather people are saying we may have snow tomorrow and Mon.! FRICKING FRACKING Jackballs!!! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
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Pics ? :laugh:
Today we had weather in the upper 40s in Michigan.. It's going down to 30 today so all the melt will turn right to ice. :( But it should be in the 40s and up all week.. 50 something on Wednesday..!!
Enjoy it Di. We are having the same kind of crazy weather here too. 3 degrees one day 50 the next. :no: I will be so hapy for spring. :happy:
Upper 60s today!
We had -5 F Tuesday morning, Wend to yesterday was in the 60'sF, maybe 50F today and either snow or freezing rain tonight.
It's currently 63* here!

We took the girls to the park and let them run around (and get all muddy), it was so fun!!
We hit 75F yesterday in Tulsa, on its way to 71 right now. 8)
38° here. Headed to 39° for a high. I would have loved to have ridden today. :(
We got into the 60s today and it was sunny. It felt great compared with the weather we've had. I took Jes for a big walk and we played fetch for a while, and now he's sleeping. All-in-all, a successful day.
Paddysmom said:
We hit 75F yesterday in Tulsa, on its way to 71 right now. 8)
I want to live there! :happy: Yesterday we were in the upper 60's and sunny, it was so beautiful! Today its cold, windy and will be in the low 30's tonight! Their still mentioning the "S" word for tomorrow and Tues.! UGH
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