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What do you do? Are you in a line of work that puts you in the way of drunks who utter death threats or is this an Aussie thing?
I was on the train coming home from work. This drunk was going through the train asking people for money. I did my best to ignore him but then he picked on a young girl who was alone. I told him to leave her alone & sit down. He started abusing me (which took his attention off her). :rolleyes: I got off at the next station & told the guard he had a drunk on his train. Guard booted him off at the next station. While he was getting kicked off, he screamed at me that I was a dead man, he knew where I work & he had mates on the streets. :D He was at least the 6th one I had already dealt with today.

And yes, I deal with these pricks for a living (security). I just happened to be in uniform at the time which was either good or bad. I'm still trying to decide which. :D
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