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Is it OK to use Neosporin on your Lab?

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Or is there something better? Turke has an big sore on his back, we think from shimmying under the pasture fences. He can't really reach it to lick it. I clipped all the hair away with my horse clippers to keep it cleaner. It's about the size of a dime....

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Yep, I've used neosporin many times. I've also used Gold Bond Medicated Powder and Acquafor (made by Eucerin).
It's safe.

Be sure to wash it off daily and reapply though- dirt gets trapped in it and can actually cause more problems.
I use it on Mocha as long as it's not a place she's licking it all off right away.
Molly had a raw spot on one pawpad from running on a stretch of pavement that was very rough, we put neosporin on it and it really seemed to help in healing it in just a couple of days.
We're big on Neosporin here as well. I might clean the wound with some hydrogen peroxide as a one time cleansing (only once since it does not aid in drying out the wound), then apply neosporin for a couple of days.
Neosporin should be fine. I usually use panolog, but that's because I have a tube that seems to have a bottomless pit. I've used it a lot, but the tube seems barely used.
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