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Well we have had Hudson this would be 6 days and what a whirlwind it has been... our lives really have changed and as they say it really is like having a human baby ( although not that I am a human mother yet) but the sleep debrivation sure feels like it.
Hudson will be 9 weeks old this weekend, and nothing seems to faze this little guy... from the moment we put him in the car to take him home from the breeder.. he immediatley relaxed in the car and fell asleep in my arms 10 minutes into the drive.My last lab cried the whole way home! As soon as we got home we went out to the grass and bingo he went !
Of course the first couple of nights have been rough, we got up 4 times throughout the night to let him out.
We spent the weekend with him and then my partner took him to work, set up a pen for him with loads of toys,a fan (its summer here) he did cry for the first few days..trying to get the attention of the other workers... but he has learnt really quickly that alone time is ok too...
We have now moved his crate from our bedroom into the internal access garage.He has a pen and a crate,with a fan that blows directly on him and he just loves it...We can now pop him into his pen during the day... and no more crying... and we for the last 2 nights put him to bed at 10pm and he sleep until 6am without incident....

So the lack of the sleep over the past few days has hopefully run its course (for now at least) I just wanted to say to those out there that have just brought home a new puppy it really does get better ....

I can't seem to post my pics on here...any advise on how to do it?
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