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I decided to use the retractible leash when Tal and I go for a walk. Actually, most times I use it now but also use the regular flat leash sometimes.

I tried a couple of experiments today to see how he would respond. The street I live on is a semi heavily traveled street. It's not a main thoroughfare but it sees a good amount of traffic. As we walked along the sidewalk, I left the leash unlocked and even when cars passed by Tal never showed any interest in chasing them. Would I allow him to walk off leash in a situation like that? Absolutely not. I would not do anything to compromise his safety.

He also never got far enough in front of me that the leash tightened. I am trying to teach him that we stop and sit when we come to a corner. He is almost to where he stops when I say "stop" then waits for my command to sit. Once he even went ahead and sat when I said stop. When we are walking he keeps his focus and doesn't seem to want to try and play with other dogs as long as we are walking. If we stop and meet someone I know with a dog, that's a different story!

Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised because I wasn't expecting this behavior until he reached 12 - 14 months.

This is the scary part of the whole thing....I catch him sometimes looking up at me and he has a look like I completely trust you dad...if you say it's ok then I'm cool with it too! I just hope I am half the person he thinks I am. I am so proud of him and no matter how big he gets, he will always be that little 10 lb furball I brought home.
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