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My dog has bad a few bouts with dry skin too. It wasn't ever very bad, and I didn't think too much of it. I had him on EVO red meat and raw, which would have been a very high fat percentage, plus I added cod liver oil, and he still had the slightly dry skin. It never even crossed my mind that I had dry skin too! I am assuming it was from the furnace and no humidifier, and my dog's skin was suffering much like mine was. Since I figured it out, I have been trying to brush him more frequently to distribute the oils in his skin throughout his coat and get rid of any loose hair. It has helped a little, but I think spring is the cure. My vet recommended the cod liver oil, so if your dog's dandruff is REALLY bad, maybe you would want to consider that.

Is Innova a good choice of food?
In my opinion (and I've done a fair amount of research), I think Innova is a very good food and would definitely consider feeding it. However, I also think (after hearing from some more experienced members) that there are other excellent foods out there which don't cost as much and many dogs can thrive on.

What do you feed your Lab?
I have JUST started transitioning my lab from Innova EVO RM to Canidae Lamb and Rice because of advice given from some members regarding calcium/phosphorus and their relationship to joint problems. The slight problem I have with Riley's dandruff remains, which I again attribute to the cold, dry air and running the furnace.
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