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My dog Porter started limping after fetching a while back and then started laying down during walks and his hind leg seemed very stiff. We took him to the vet about two weeks ago and after lots of x-rays they determined that he's injured one of the ligaments near his knee and it has unraveled some. Basically iy's his doggy ACL. The vet prescribed a few weeks of no activity, except going outside to potty, as well as Deramaxx to help with inflammation and see how he does.

Just called the vet today because he has one day's worth of meds left and they said that since he's not limping they will continue the Deramaxx and I can start taking him on very short walks and see how he does.

However, if he seems to start limping with minimal exercise and w/ the anti-inflammatory med they will need to consider surgery.

I'm just wondering if any one on here has had a dog go through this and has any advice at all. Also, if your dog was on Deramaxx, are they still on it, or was it only prescribed for a certain amount of time?

Any fun ideas of ways to keep Porter entertained? He is getting sick of hide the treat. I keep bringing home new toys every couple days, but he is just mopey and bored! He loves playing in the backyard during summer :(

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