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Anyone have to put their female senior on meds for leaking or losing bladder control in her sleep? We're taking Sara back in next week because shes wetting her bed at least once a week now. Sara is in the 10 yr old range.

This started about the same time she had a major UTI but the UTI cleared up after a few courses of antibiotics and we thought the issue went away. Her recently urinalysis came back normal but we’ve noticed that she still has issues.

Just curious about your experiences with this.
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No and yes.

This was a 13 yr. old male farm collie named Spike. He pulled through an acute hepatic crisis with IV fluids and we noticed the next day that he was "leaking" both in his sleep and awake. At someone's suggestion I started him on Solid Gold's "Life Exxtension".
About 12 days later I saw the pad was dry when I took his pants off to go out the first thing in the morning; dry later that morning too. So he 'got over it', did not leak any more. I have no idea if the supplement helped of if it was just a matter of time until his system recovered from the acute liver crisis.

Hoping it is just 'temporary' with Sarah.
Two of my boys, Blue 16yo and Matt 11yo, are on meds for incontinence. They have been one them for quite a while (years) and have no leaking problems at all now.
My old dog, Tammy, a malumute-wolf cross started "leaking" at 12 years of age. I put her on meds...in a few months she stopped--I think she started producing estrogen again (does this make any sense) and she didn't leak until I had to put her down at 13. She was spaid at 6 months of age.
Our first girl, Georgia, started "leaking" when she was sleeping or laying down at about the age of 10. The vet put her on PPA (phenylproponalamine) and it worked wonders. It is an antihystamine that they discovered helped to constrict the urethra and affect the flow of urine in male patients...how they made the jump to dogs I have no idea! :)
Maddie has been on Proin for as long as she has been here. She has not had any problem being on it and it works very well. It is very inexpensive too.
My Hershey is almost 6 and has been struggling with this off and on, but recently it was happening more and more. Her Dr put her on 2 Proin a day...He only warned me about possible exciteability and restlessness, which hasnt happened. It has helped, as she has not had an episode since she started the medication.On another post it was mentioned that the dog had recently had ACL surgery. Hershey has torn both of hers, anyone know of a connection?
UP until the day we had to put our Maggie down, she was on Proin twice a day for incontinence (leaking) issues. But she had diabetes and cushings (diagnosed 7 months ago, at about 10 3/4's old) which may have been the reason for the leaking. She did well on the Proin, our vet warned it could cause agression issues, but our Maggie was a sweet soul, and toward the end of her life, i don't think she had the energy to even think about agression!!
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