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Mitzi had an abcessed tooth pulled and a tumor (fatty) removed from her shoulder/neck area at the same time. Since then, I have been matching wits with Mitzi (and losing) trying to keep her from scratching the incision. I tried putting turtle neck shirts on her to cover it, covered it with pads with every kind of tape to fasten in place over the stitches, She has always managed to get that back foot to the incision to scratch it. The vet tied her back feet together, but she lay down curled up and still got the back foot there.
It healed enough to remove all but three stitches when I discovered the right combination: Put her head through the sleeve of a large T shirt and her front leg on the side of the incision through the neck hole. Gather the rest of the shirt into a wad secured with a rubber band right over the incision. At night I take off the shirt, but put a sock on the naughty foot stuffed with something soft at the bottom, and secured above the ankle. (I used a velcro wrist brace.)

I love her so much and it's so hard to see her uncomfortable, but if I let her go without the T shirt or don't secure the sock tightly enough, she gets it off and her incision area is all red from scratching.
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