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Dylan and PIP ( Tom Cat ) get on like a house on fire. Pip will let Dylan chase him up the garden, jump onto the fence and turn round and wack Dylan on the nose !

I had left my bedroom door open as Pip had been sleeping on the bed earlier on in the day !

Dylan disappeared about an hour ago and I thought that he had taken himself up to bed.

I went to check up on him a few moments ago and he wasn't there ...momentary panic....I then checked on my ( normally locked ) back bedroom that I use as a junk store and he had somehow let himself in there along with PIP !

I hadn't heard a peep for an hour ! No damage done but they were both in a hurry to get out of the room !

If it had been Jasper , he would have let himself out of there but Dylan hasn't ( will he ever ) acquired that skill yet.
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