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Hola all. Finally had a minute to register. Popping in to say hello! I'm a little confuddled by the new digs but I think once I figure out all the bells and whistles, it'll be great! Everything here is good. Fitzgerald has had some major trouble with his paw (stepped on a cactus in October). He had his third, and most major of them all, surgery on it last week. They think they got all of the sticker this time and cut out a large mass of tissue that had developed between two pads. He still has a bandage and a bootie on and will for another week or so. Poor baby (and poor me--he's bouncing off the walls!). Clarence turns 3 tomorrow--I can't believe it! He is definitely wise beyond his years and is my perfect boy. Glad to see y'all!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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