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I'm a sad, sad girl...

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I just dropped my husband off for 2 months. It's a short deployment, all things considered, but when he's home, we're only apart when he's at work, and he gets home at either noon or 8 am most days so we're pretty much always together. We just got back from the 2 hour drive to Memphis (he's flying out of there), and I miss him already. The house seems so empty without him in it, and the boys are already trying to take advantage of Daddy being gone (not that it will work but they'll still try for a week or so....) :(
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My hubby travels 2 weeks out of every month. Now granted that's not a 2 month stretch, but I understand how you are feeling.

prayers the time goes quickly and he returns safely
Awww, I understand. Hopefully time will fly and he'll be home safe and sound really soon.
I've only been away from my husband for 2- 4 days once or twice a year, and I miss him then, even after 32 yrs of marriage. I can only imagine how much you miss him ((((hugs)))) to you- Di

My hubby travels 2 weeks out of every month. Now granted that's not a 2 month stretch, but I understand how you are feeling.

aww...I can't imagine two weeks every single month. That has to be so hard!

Thanks everyone. I'll be better in a few days once I get used to him being away. It's not like he's in a war zone area, and I have a reason to constantly worry. I just miss him terribly right now... :(
I hope it goes quickly for you.
I hope the time passes quickly for you. We are always here to keep you company. I am sure it is hard. :)
...The house seems so empty without him in it...
I totaly understand. We went from living where Ken worked to, 3 years later, him being on the other side of the country for at least a month at a time.

...We are always here to keep you company...
Just what I was going to say. I know it's not the same as having your husband home, but my internet friends sure made it easier for me when Ken was gone.
Aw Gail, I'm sorry. I can't imagine being away from my husband that long. :(
You can talk on the phone, right?
Not sure, Amy. He's basically going through basic training again for prior service (warrior transition course) so I'm not sure what his phone privileges will be like. He was allowed to take his cell phone, and they do get personal time on Sundays, so I'm guessing I'll get a phone call every Sunday. I hope so anyway.
((hugs)) hope the time passes quickly for you. As mentioned we are here when you need company
Prayers for your husband's safe return. And thank you both for your sacrifice's for our country.
That's not easy, especially with kids and everything else you have to manage alone for those times he's gone.

Stay strong! :)
I hope the time fly's by for you. I remember very well all the tdy's. The one good thing was we usually lived on base and I had lots of friends and support system. My husband was in the intelligence field and was on mobility. He had bags packed at all times and when a call came in he had to leave. He could not tell me where he was going or when he would be back. Those trips were the hardest. All kind of things would run through my mind. I still don't know where he went or what he did.
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