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My Name is Daniel W Griffith, AKA...SillyDogGuy
I have a favor to ask you, I want to make a coffee table
picture book called...God Loves Silly Dogs Too. I know
America's 50 states has silly, cute, kind of bumb, dogs too.
If your dog has done something real silly, cute, that made you
laugh till you cried, and you got a picture. I would like to put
that picture in my book. I can't pay nothing, but I promas to
God if I use your dogs silly picture in the book, I will give you a
free book. I'm trying to get every state in the USA. Male or Female
If you want to help, and for more imfo. my e-mail is
[email protected]

there's GOD to be a better way God Loves Dogs
dan w griffith
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