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I only had Mata entered this weekend since I had planned to have Jazz bred a couple weeks ago (she had different ideas and ovulated at least 5 days earlier than normal for her so that didn't happen!). This was only our 2nd weekend out since she had her litter Nov 30-- 4 mos ago. Our goal at the trials 2 wks ago were to knock the handler cobwebs out (of me!) since we'd not been out since late August. But I had higher hopes for this weekend as I really wanted to finish her OA. But, we had had serious teeter issues the weekend before so I was concerned (she baled both days there as it was a very different feeling teeter to her).

Friday am started out great in the cold windy weather w/ a 1st place in 20" Open Jumpers-- our first Q there. I really took our time on the weaves so had no refusals, just 1 second over course time for a 98 score. It was really late in the day before we ran Open Std and though several folks said we had a nice run, I was told by someone I trusted that we'd been called on the down contact on the A frame..... and since I'd had a issue at the corner jump just before the A frame, and was running to catch up to Mata, I believed that she probably did miss it... we only do running contacts (hey, why start training contacts now, lol!?). But, we did our teeter!!!! Yea!!!! And all 12 weaves again! Anyhow, imagine my surprise Sat am when I went to look at my time and saw we had Q'd w/ a 4th! Well, shoot.... that was for OA title!!!! We had double Q'd on Friday! Since it was too late to move up to Excellent for the day, I used Saturday's run to practice things that I otherwise don't have the guts to try (like cross behinds, right side weaves, etc). Other than knocking the very last bar on the triple (very close to the fencing) because I did a cross behind there by mistake, she did great!!!! 49 sec course time even. Oh, I did have to go to the end of the teeter that day and do a big bow and COME!!!!!!! to get her to the end successfully--- I could see the wheels turning as I think the high winds were making it a slower drop. She did it though! Yippeee!

Oh, and our Open Jumpers run was a surprise! Mata popped out of the weaves so we were called on that refusal and then right after that, I had to do a cross in front but didn't give a clear indication to her so she was a little spacey almost crossing the plane, but WHEW.... ends up the judge was nice to us and didn't call anything. Another Q for Mata and another Blue ribbon (because once again, we were the only qualifier in Open 20" jumpers)!!!! :D So, by the end of day 2, we had Q'd 3 of 4 runs.

Now Sunday must have been just too nice of weather for Mata. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and she was a SPACE CADET!!!! :eek: She ranked right up there w/ some of the Golden Retrievers! You know when the judge is laughing as he's flailing his arms w/ penalties that you are in it solely for entertainment value at that point..... so as do-able as I thought the Excellent Std course was, Mata had other thoughts, lol. :p All in all, a great weekend for Mata and her baby Envy who enjoyed some good socializing and is learning to be much more patient in her crate when it's not her turn to be front and center.

Mata is now Intl CH WindyCanyon's Northern Spy CDX RA JH OA NAJ CC. She just turned 4 so has a lot of time to add more initials! What a fun dog she is--- she has the perfect temperament for competition as I've yet to see her get stressed at an event. Goofy, yes, but stressed, nahhhh...... :cool:

I may send her out w/ one of my other puppy owners (MACH Strider's owner) to do some trials this spring as her half sister Fuji is due to whelp in 2 wks. She loves Mark, and runs very similarly to Strider.

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