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Idiot Employee of The Year Title Goes To This Guy

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We just had one of our project managers walk into my husband's office and demand a 20% raise or he was going to have to start looking for a new job. Said he had checked the local market and he was seriously underpaid for what he does. Well, we know that's not true because a headhunter we occasionally use has told us that our pay/benefits package is in the top 5% for our size and location.

Trying to hold a construction company up for 20% in this economy? I'm getting 20+ resumes a week from really qualified people looking for a job and he thinks this little power move is going to work? I actually asked Chris whether there was any chance he was kidding. He isn't even the best guy we've got! You raise his pay and you're going to have to do it for the other guys or you're just going to breed resentment among people who are currently pretty happy, and there's no way we can afford that.

My husband told him to come back at the end of the day for an answer. The answer is never threaten to leave unless you mean it because this guy just went from a 100K job to unemployment benefits in one quick step. That, and check to see if you've got any power before attempting a power play.

What a mind-boggling way to start the week. I feel badly for him, and I hope he discussed this with his wife, but you just can't keep a guy around who has already told you that he's looking for something better. You just can't trust him with leads to new work, or bid information, when you can't be sure he won't take that info. to somebody else.

Sorry, this got really long but I'm just dumbfounded.
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Holy smoke!! I guess there's no chance of back-pedalling now, is there? Like.. "You know that conversation we had this morning about a pay raise for me and my assertion that I would seek employment elsewhere without it?"

"Well....... I was drunk!"
If I were him, I might go with "Hey, my idiot twin brother didn't stop by here this morning, did he?"

I don't think anything else could work.

Lots of murmuring going around the office. Nobody knows what happened, yet, but it's pretty obvious something's going on.
I often counsel younger associates when they are feeling they are underpaid and want to have a conversation with their boss that this guy just did. I tell them that if they ever think about telling the boss, 'I want this or I am going to leave.' that they better be prepared to go because the boss just might tell them to pick up their personal belongings on the way out that day.
WOW...what balls!
It wouldn't bother me so much if he really was underpaid, but he isn't. My husband hates turnover, and hates training, so if anything he overpays trying to avoid it. The only person we've had leave in a long time is my own brother who we fired for being a **** and making office personnel cry.

Of course, now we've got ourselves a disgruntled former employee and that's never a good thing.
If I were him, I might go with "Hey, my idiot twin brother didn't stop by here this morning, did he?"
That is brilliant, Robin! LOL! :D

So he's now a former employee? I think that was the right thing to do in this situation. What a fool.
Mind boggling. He really lives in a bubble, doesn't he?
What a smurfin' idiot! In this economy, and in the construction field no less, to demand any kind of raise and threaten to leave if you don't get it is job suicide.
being a **** and making office personnel cry.
Backpedal - "But they were in my job description!"
Wow. Apparently he didn't think that one all the way through! He really put your husband into a corner, and there is only one way out now. I wonder if there is something going on with this guy to put so much pressure on him to bring home more money. Not that its any excuse, but now I'm curious.
Not too smart in these times to be doing things like that.....Not a lot of jobs out there.
Wow what an idiot. At least this way one of those really qualified people you've been getting resume's from will be getting a very good job.
Our employment laws wouldn't allow you to sack somebody for asking for a rise.

Can you really do that ? If so I'm moving to the US.
I suggest telling him you're very sorry and you wish you could pay everyone more, but you can't. You wish he didn't have to leave, but if he does feel he has to, you appreciate what he's done and wish him the very best.

Or variations on that -- something to avoid making enemies (as much as reasonably possible) because no one needs more of those.

While he's certainly quite provoking and it would be easy to say to his face, "good riddance!" that would more readily justify to him bad-mouthing your company, people, and services at every opportunity for years.

In both the short and long run, you're probably coming out ahead to replace him with someone of at least equal talent but a better perspective on jobs and employee-employer relations. It's currently a "buyer's market" for employers in both applicants and talent.

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