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Ideas to get child to self feed...

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I have a 2 year old boy (2 leg child) that does not like to feed himself. I have tried just about everything that I can think of to get him to eat by himself and you guessed it...he still wants Mom (me) to feed him. Ohh and he still prefers mushy baby type food. Anybody have any ideas on how to get him to eat "real" food by himself?
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My mum used to make vegetable men for us. hehe... and she'd say "ooh look! lets eat <veggie mans name here> eyes!!" or she'd say "wouldnt it be funny if we ate his legs! Then he cant get away!!"

We used to eat our veggies every single time!! It's one of the solid memories I have from ages 3-4 too actually.

Just an idea... it worked great for my brother and I
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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