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Ice, ice baby

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Well pics that is. Yesterday we got 5 inches of snow and last night in to the early morning we got a little over a inch of ice and now it changed back to snow and its coming down hard and fast.

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Well Shucks ... that makes me feel very inadequate. Carol just took a pic of her Van in the drive and Remi in the run. I was going to seek sympathy for our major "ice storm" here. :laugh:

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LOL @ Cappy_TX's pics. We had a bad ice storm here a couple of years ago and the trees looked exactly the same as in the slideshow... It was cool to look at but not so much to drive in! :scared:
beautiful pics, as horribly cold and dangerous as the ice is, it makes things incredibly pretty~ :happy:
Yikes! We are starting to thaw here, hope the ice clears out of there quickly. Stay safe.

Oh Cappy! :laugh: Glad to see you guys missed the worst of it ;)
Here's hoping you have a quick thaw. The tree pics are very pretty. But I kind of feel sad for the little tiny twigs all encased in ice. ;)
Your pictures are beautiful. I love the house picture.
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