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I think Kayla might have limber tail syndrome

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Kayla has been doing a lot of jumping and skipping around with the puppy, something she hasn't done for a couple of years probably. Also, yesterday she went for a swim in the creek.

Well, now today her tail is all droopy and she only sort of wags in gently at just the end. She looks so sad! I was playing with her and trying to cheer her up (because she looks so sad) and in playing I picked up her tail saying "C'mon Kayla wag that happy tail!" When I did that she squealed really loud! I felt so bad. She's also been grumpy all day today.

Is there anything I can do for it?
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just let her rest. i never gave anything for it and my girl was back swimming in days.
I have never heard of this before!!! Feel better soon, Kayla!
Teton has had this "cold water tail" issue just rest and warm packs seemed to ease the soreness
Hope Kayla feels better soon!
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