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I've been giving them extra retrieve sessions every day, now that the weather has improved. We started more regular sessions about two weeks ago. Boy are they thrilled! And exuberant! Flynn is a regular acrobat in the air and would go all day long if I let him; Seamus is more self-regulating.

This morning? Flynn has a bit of a limpy leg, can't really tell if it's a front or back leg although I think it's his front left."wrist" - seems a bit tender but nothing extreme. And neither is leaping around to go out. I guess they are just a bit sore from the unaccustomed workouts, like we would be after the first few times back in the gym.

Anyway, I'll take them out later on when the temps go up but for now I'm going to allow them to be slugs while I run errands. Weird to see them so low key!!
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