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I made it

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My last pre-Christmas/pre-baby clinical rotation ended today. That means I graduate on time in May!!

Now I just have to hold onto this baby until the 26th, since the ONLY two days of the year my doctor isn't on call for OB patients are Christmas Eve and Day. JUST because he has 7 kids, he thinks he should spend the days with his family. Pshaw. So selfish.
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I predict Dec 26 then ;)
Sit down, put your feet up, and don't do anything for the next two days! ;)
Congrats! And take it easy for the next couple of days!
Congratulations! Rest and enjoy the short break you have!
Congratulations!! Just one more week...
Congratulations. Hang in there. Just a few more days. :)
Thanks, everybody. Turns out baking cookies for Santa takes a lot longer when:

1. The 3 year old wants to help
2. You keep taking breaks to sit on the couch
Yay!! :) Good luck with everything, I hope the delivery is smooth and complication-free!
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