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I lost Abbey's poop!! :crazy: We were just outside playing in the snow and she pooped in the snow. We were playing and running around and I went back to go find the poop and I couldn't!

I guess it's snowing so hard that in just 2 minutes the snow covered it up. I feel bad because I'm an avid poop-picker-upper, but I looked for like 5 minutes and couldn't find it! :(
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No worries I will send Doofy over and he will find it and dispose of it for you. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
The Texas Tank said:
No worries I will send Doofy over and he will find it and dispose of it for you. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
LOL. He likes to play scavenger hunt with poop and destroy the evidence? Smart dog! ;) :laugh:
Oh, now that is funny!! Think what a nice little surprise you'll have when it thaws. (Does snow thaw? Or does it melt?)
It's getting more and more dificult to find the piles these days. It's difficult since my two have decided to shift from there normal areas. I try to keep an area shoveled for that purpose alone but apparently they have decide to venture out a bit. Thanks girls for making it easy!
It's easy to lose it under a little snow. I take my crew out early while it's still dark then make a mental note of where each went so I can pick it up when it's light. It's not easy to find later and I often wonder if I'm just missing seeing it or if Duke (my Doofy) got to it first.
It has happened with me too. Especially in the fall leaves! :crazy: :surprise:
If we are out and about I have learned to just pick it up when it happens, Since I suffer from CRS(can't remember s%&t)pardon the pun. There were to many times I would go back to pick it up and not remember where it was :laugh: :laugh:
lol..I remember last year when it snowed alot here, the same thing happened. I just waited until some melted to pick it up!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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