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I guess I am going to Vegas AGAIN!

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Got a call today from Treasure Island. I had filled out a survey. I actually LIKE filling out surverys. I was very detailed. I did not complain. But I was completely thorough. They wanted to thank me for all my comments and suggestions. She even commented that she had never seen such a detailed survey. LOL. The only problem, which wasnt really a problem was that they didnt have the room I reserved and they were booked. We ended up with a handicap room that had a walk in shower type thing. Not a big deal. Anyways, the lady wanted to thank me for my trouble and Ive got 3 free nights and 4 tickets to see Mystere (The cirque show that is playing at Treasure Island.) I have to go by May 31st 2010. :D
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Get yourself a Player's Card in the casino when you go and you will be inundated with free offers.
What kind of free offers?
Free or reduced rates on rooms, meal vouchers, show tickets. Anything they think will get you to come back and spread some money around. It only costs them about $35 a day to turn a room, so anything you spend over that is pure profit.

I've got Players cards for most of the big hotels in Las Vegas and probably get 20 offers a week. I believe my postman may be planning an intervention.
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