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I guess I am going to Vegas AGAIN!

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Got a call today from Treasure Island. I had filled out a survey. I actually LIKE filling out surverys. I was very detailed. I did not complain. But I was completely thorough. They wanted to thank me for all my comments and suggestions. She even commented that she had never seen such a detailed survey. LOL. The only problem, which wasnt really a problem was that they didnt have the room I reserved and they were booked. We ended up with a handicap room that had a walk in shower type thing. Not a big deal. Anyways, the lady wanted to thank me for my trouble and Ive got 3 free nights and 4 tickets to see Mystere (The cirque show that is playing at Treasure Island.) I have to go by May 31st 2010. :D
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OMG!!! Mystere is the best show imo (I haven't seen Love though)

That is just way too cool.
Really, Lindsay? Wow. I didnt know that! Of course Love is the only one Ive seen and I cant imagine topping that. Next time I want to see Ka and O, also. Make it a Cirque weekend in Vegas.
Mystere is the best in my opinion... I've seen it 3 times.

Ka and O are good... I liked Ka better than O... but both are sooooo expensive and if Mystere is less than half the price AND better... I'm always recommend it.

Zummanity is good... but it's a WHOLE different kind of show ;) ;)
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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