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I have a friend and distant relative who we just call each other cuzzin', he's does the historical stuff like I do, but he has now moved to Nevada so we don't get together enough anymore. Well his last name and mine are the same, Carman and we are desended from the same John Carman who came to Plymouth Mass in 1931, beyond that we are not sure where the relationship is. We are both doing some research on a very small defunt town out in the Nebrasska Sandhills that one of our relatives founded, maybe made 15 people at it's best.

Well Dave had 2 badges made and sent me one. Having toubles with a picture it's to durn shiny. But it says Town Marshal, Carman Nebraska. Guess what I will wear to work tonight with my new red bib shirt. ;D

He also found Lexie a little cast iron skillet so I can teach her to cook right. ;D

Yes that is a teaspoon.
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