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:laugh: I called this morning and told the guy that my Christmas tree is still outside, but I think you picked up my nieghbors tree on Friday the 16th. The guy laughs and says "You have last years schedule" I told him I only moved in, you guys mailed this one to me, (I think they did this to a lot of people, that's why he was laughing) I hear him chuckling and said my father lives on the other side of town and was telling me it should be on Wednesday, not Friday, here I'm going back and forth with my dad telling him I got the right schedule in the mail and it's Friday the 9th and 16th and you're on the other side of town so mine is different than yours. The guy tells me, well your dad was right :laugh: Thanks guy...feed into why don't ya :laugh:

Well, here I thought my neighbor got hers taken, I guess they brought theirs in their back yard once no one picked it up and of course I have to tell my dad he's right once again :laugh: Why are parents always right...I got the schedule in the mail and I'm still wrong :laugh:
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