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I found a mineral make-up I really like!

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There are so many out there! I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, asking for opinions.

I tried the Loreal one, didn't like it at all. It looked too "tinny" on me, like the Bare Escentials. I've always liked Neutrogena products so I decided to try their Mineral Sheers powder foundation. BINGO! :D It comes in a compact, like regular powder, and has a spongy applicator thing. It goes on smoothy, evenly and FAST and you can't screw it up by putting on too much or too little. If I put on too much, I just brush some off with a powder brush. It doesn't wear off during the day, however my nose gets a tad shiny at times so I just touch up with my powder brush. It's lightweight, and you can barely tell I'm wearing it - my freckles poke through and it looks really natural. :)
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