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I did it - my entry is officially in!

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I ended up signing up on-line so that I could confirm that I did it right and was in deed paying the right amounts. I've already gotten the confirmation back!

So I am going to a Lab Specialty put on by the So. California Lab. Club on 4/27-4/28. I'm doing rally novice and Pre-novice on Friday and Rally Novice on Saturday. If I just come home with 1 rally leg I will be so excited. Actually if we just get thru the course without Moose having his nose to the ground I'll be really happy. :laugh:
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How exciting for you! You'll do fine as long as you remember to breath!
Hooray! You just may become addicted to the sport!
I think I will be there Friday, I have agility Sat and Sun in a different place...I should enter in Rally excellent just for fun even though i haven't gotten all the exercises down yet.

Kelly and Amber
Don't worry we at the lab club are familiar with newbies and have oxygen masks on standby. ;D

Kelly and Amber
Thanks Kelly - I'm feeling so much better now :laugh:
Good luck guys!! I know you'll have fun. Two words of advice - "loosh leash" and "breathe" - and remember you can talk to him all you want.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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