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Sam has just been an angel today!!

If you'll see my ticker he's nearing two weeks with NO accidents!! Today Phoenix and I went to go pickup Shane for lunch and Sam went into his crate with NO FUSS. He just looked at me like "See ya when you get back!"

We had to run errands so we got home for just long enough for Shane to gobble down something and then we had to run him back to work! (All of about 2 minutes at home). Sam was SOOO good. He never whined or anything! We all gave him pets through his crate then hopped BACK in the car. We were back in about 5 minutes since Shane only works about 2 miles away.
Got home and Sam didn't make a peep just waited so patiently as I immediately walked in and let him out!
Later this afternoon I curled up with a book and fell asleep. I woke up to Shane coming in the door. Oh crap I didn't mean to sleep and definitely not for almost two hours!! There's Sam just hanging out in the living room with one of his toys. We had even opened Phoenix's door to let the cat mosey around and he hadn't bothered her all afternoon!!!

Which one of you replaced Sam-wise with an imposter? Hmmm??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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