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Hurry up and wait

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That's where I am right now. I feel like I should be carefully, diligently sorting out my packing for France. But no, can't pack that yet because I might want to wear it. Well, maybe those shoes. Nope... want those to wear with my jeans. Well then how about that pile of cotton turtlenecks? Naw... I know I'll want to wear the red one and black one before I go.

I HATE packing and usually wait until the very last nanosecond to begin. By then I've gone over it so many times in my mind I just start tossing things into the suitcase in "mind's-eye-order" and hope it works.

Anyone else hate to pack for a trip?
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I don't dislike packing but I do it in a very similar manner to you. Sometimes I will even start a pile of things that go, but the real packing usually doesn’t happen until the last minute. And there is always a last minute load of laundry. I guess it is because have a few favorite things that get lots of wear and not a lot extra.

Come on Nancy, you can do it. just put one outfit in that bag.
I have issues packing except for our Aruba trip. For that one, I know exactly what to pack every year. any other trip I have stuff layed out everywhere and toil over it for quite awhile.
i pack at the last minute because i might need something before leaving that i have to pack. i need lists.
I usually pack the night before if I leave early in the morning, other wise its the same day as I leave. I put everything in the bag, decide its too much, take it all back out, put some back in, think some more, add some more, zip the bag.
i also need many ziplock bags. anything that has the potential to spill goes in a ziplock bag...shampoo, perfume, makeup, etc.
I don't mind packing but I do wait till the last minute & I usually overpack. I'm getting better about that. Like Jinx...anything that may potentially spill goes in ziplock bags. :)
I am a "at the very last second" packer- always have been- I never under stood packing for a trip a wk. in advance:confused::confused: Maybe I just don't have that many clothes, which could very well be the case since I hate shopping. Hope you get packed and on the plane- and most of all have a great time!!!
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