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Hugely Awesome News!

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Remember my cranky overworked husband who was totally stressing out on me? Yeah...he just got a huge promotion at work!! :eek::D:D 2 Levels up and they are talking about him for this professionals program that they want to include him in (mainly grooming executives to move up in the company) even though he's only been with them for 2 years, is totally new to the field and doesn't have a masters.

I am so proud of him!! I told him he could do this job!

The only down side is there is no monetary compensation for the bump until 2010 because of the wage increase freeze at their company this year. But he's been told its coming at the first of the year.

There goes my diet this weekend because I'm sure we'll go out to celebrate! :D
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Congratulations! Should be a really happy weekend at your house. :)
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