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How many Olives are "too many olives" ?

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Man, I can't stop! I have this huge jar of Costco olive medley. Some Kalamatas, some stuffed with garlic, some stuffed with roasted red peppers... I have flatbread crisps, a bit of cambozola, triple cream brie, and some danish blue.

There are no calories in olives & cheese...right? :eek:
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nope......none, nadda, zero
I'm guessing someone is out of town huh?
Is it that obvious? Am I eating my feelings?
We need someone who is certified to make that call:cool:
OOOH! Can it be Dr McSteamy the oncologist? he's certified. Certifiably hot! :D
Only in your dreams T, only in your dream!;)
How many are too Garth's :confused:

Just one.
Couldn't have said it better myself!
Garth, haven't you heard? I chase people off this board:rolleyes:
As I've asked her before, define middle. :D And if you try to chase me off this board, I'll come back & haunt you. I thought you were getting too old for those antics? :D

Anyway, the OP was about olives before Lisa came along & derailed it again. :p
I was told I can't define anything, I'm not certified.
It's your avatar....it's evil :D
What my chicken? Leave him alone, he is jealous and has social issues:rolleyes:
Please explain :rolleyes: but maybe not in this thread. :D
how about I just send you ticket to a mud wrestling event instead:rolleyes:
Was it Shanna that ate the "decorative" jar of olives that had been on her kitchen counter for awhile and then didn't feel so great?
1 - 9 of 50 Posts
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