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How many Olives are "too many olives" ?

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Man, I can't stop! I have this huge jar of Costco olive medley. Some Kalamatas, some stuffed with garlic, some stuffed with roasted red peppers... I have flatbread crisps, a bit of cambozola, triple cream brie, and some danish blue.

There are no calories in olives & cheese...right? :eek:
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nope......none, nadda, zero
I'm guessing someone is out of town huh?

Is it that obvious? Am I eating my feelings?
None. At all. And you have just succeeded in making my mouth water as well. Mmmm...olives and cheese...
I made the kids leftover chicken casserole for supper, but there was only enough for them... so I am having a "grown up" supper :eek:
the calories actually go negative if you wash it down with a bottle of red wine
I think we need an intervention. Put down the olives. And give them to me.
But then I would just be passing my problems on to you. I care about you too much to do that to you, Nathan.

Hey! Who nicked my olives!?
We need someone who is certified to make that call:cool:
OOOH! Can it be Dr McSteamy the oncologist? he's certified. Certifiably hot! :D
I'm ok! I'm O-K! I survived the olives & cheese, but a 5k run is now on my schedule today. Have to pack for tomorrow, drop the kids at mil's & run the brie off my arse. =)
I didn't even open the jar of pickled/marinated asparagus. That is deadly.

I need to head out for that run. SOON!

Know what else is good with cheese? fresh figs.

Ok, shutting up now.
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