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How many Olives are "too many olives" ?

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Man, I can't stop! I have this huge jar of Costco olive medley. Some Kalamatas, some stuffed with garlic, some stuffed with roasted red peppers... I have flatbread crisps, a bit of cambozola, triple cream brie, and some danish blue.

There are no calories in olives & cheese...right? :eek:
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Let me distract you by telling you about the dinner I made Saturday night.

Appetizer: Tuscan flatbread crisps with Parrano cheese and stuffed olives

Primo piatto: Fresh orechiette with broccoli, fresh chili, and Parmesan

Secondo: Roasted leg of lamb with white wine, vinegar, and garlic gravy

Sides: Carrots with rosemary glaze, Swiss chard with lemon and Parmesan, asparagus roasted with balsamic glaze

Wines: Corsican white and red

Dessert: Various Italian sweets

<grabs olives and runs>
Garth, haven't you heard? I chase people off this board:rolleyes:
Wait, I thought you were middle aged.:confused:
There's a great Greek grocery over in Kitsilano that has the best Kalamatas olives, along with about a dozen other varieties. I could eat those things all day long.
I didn't even open the jar of pickled/marinated asparagus. That is deadly.

I need to head out for that run. SOON!

Know what else is good with cheese? fresh figs.

Ok, shutting up now.

Nothing better than fresh figs with chunks of dark chocolate. One of my favorite desserts.
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