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How many Olives are "too many olives" ?

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Man, I can't stop! I have this huge jar of Costco olive medley. Some Kalamatas, some stuffed with garlic, some stuffed with roasted red peppers... I have flatbread crisps, a bit of cambozola, triple cream brie, and some danish blue.

There are no calories in olives & cheese...right? :eek:
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I think we need an intervention. Put down the olives. And give them to me.
Let me distract you by telling you about the dinner I made Saturday night.

Appetizer: Tuscan flatbread crisps with Parrano cheese and stuffed olives

Primo piatto: Fresh orechiette with broccoli, fresh chili, and Parmesan

Secondo: Roasted leg of lamb with white wine, vinegar, and garlic gravy

Sides: Carrots with rosemary glaze, Swiss chard with lemon and Parmesan, asparagus roasted with balsamic glaze

Wines: Corsican white and red

Dessert: Various Italian sweets

<grabs olives and runs>
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I was so proud of myself--I don't normally cook like that, and I was pretty nervous (we were having people over). But I just asked myself, "What would Karina do?" and that made everything better.

Man, these olives are great. Want some? <munch>
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