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A guy goes to the race track and as the horses are coming out for the first race he notices that a priest standing by the rail blesses one of the horses. The horse won the race.
For the second race he sees the priest again bless one of the horses. This time he places a small bet on that horse and again the horse wins.
Now he is excited so he starts to bet all of his winnings on the horse the priest blesses in the next race.
Going into the last race he has won a small fortune and he sees the priest bless a horse that happens to be the longest shot of the day. He takes all of his winnings and cleans out his life savings at the ATM machine and bets it all on the long shot.
As that horse enters the stretch run it drops dead on the track.
The guy runs up to the priest to ask what happened. "Father", he said, "you have blessed every winner today, what happened with that last horse?"
The priest replied "My son, you are not Catholic are you?
The guy replies "No I'm not but what has that got to do about anything?"
The priest answered, "Son, if you were Catholic you would know the difference between a blessing and last rites."
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