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The problem with elbow displasya is that it will continue to degenerate and develop arthitis very early. The surgery aims to correct the joints and slow down the degenerative process. I could keep him on the meds for sometime but when he becomes worse, the damage may be severe by then and the surgery is not possible at that point.

The good thing is that since there´s not much inflamations in his joints now he will recover faster from the surgery.

Still, poor boy, but I really want to try to give him a solution rather than wait til it gets worse

Indy had this done when he was over a year old, both elbows, one at a time...He had his done at Michigan State and they were FABBBBBULOUS... He did really well with his recovery and it was well worth the money because he was able to walk about 3 miles after he healed (before that he couldnt make it 1/16 of a city block before laying down... He's now 11 and if he hadnt blown his knee out, he wouldnt have half the problems... and you are correct, it will only get worse, so you might as well get it corrected while he is still ambulatory and can make a quicker recovery.
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