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We have a new neighbor, two doors down. They have a 16 month old granddaughter. Grandpa comes over almost daily to visit, and with the nice weather recently has been taking the little girl for a ride in the wagon he pulls up and down the block.

So, yesterday afternoon while HK and I were out chucking balls, they came out. HK saw them and went running for them. I yell out, Come! Well, she isn't that good. But she comes within 6 feet of them and then proceeds to butt tuck around them at that distance. The little girl is watching and giggling her head off. I get there and calm HK down and ask if she would like to pet HK. Of course she would. So she is having a thrill touching a dog for the first time and then it happens. One swipe up the front of the face with that tongue. It startled the little girl, but then she starts giggling again and gets a secind face cleaning to her thrill.

Okay, HK, that's enough and we separate. I do not know who was more thrilled, HK, the little girl, or her grandfather.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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