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Payton and I went to visit DD and my 2 month old grandson and took the dogs for hike on the trails. Payton absolutley LOVES DD's golden retriever, Scout. BFF BUT... we added 2 of my daughter's friend's Viszlas into the mix and Payton was not as happy. One of the Vislas, only 1 year old, would nip at Payton's butt and Payton would ruff up her fur and snarl at him. It's probably a well deserved snarl, but I don't like to see Payton, who can be "high strung", show aggression. This was not constant snarling, as they would run along the trail at high speed having a good time, too.
My question....should I just avoid letting Payton run with these 2 dogs on hikes to avoid the tense situation or are these demonstrations of snarls just part of determining the pecking order and I should chill out???
Anyway, here are some of pics from a fun day.

the dogs on the trail:

pretty Payton
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